Proactively explore the learning needs of the enterprise, cultivate and select outstanding talents for the company, and provide a growth platform for young people who have dreams and want to become outstanding.


Pay attention to cultivating students' comprehensive qualities and workplace skills, including all learning skills required for work, such as leadership ability, creative thinking and problem-solving ability, as well as relevant knowledge training and experience sharing and inheritance for their positions.
Conduct various innovative activities in the form of research projects, and apply the innovative results to ten practices to feed back the enterprise, thereby leading or promoting the development of the enterprise and working together with the company.


Marketing System Course

This includes courses such as product knowledge learning, market analysis, customer communication, business negotiation, marketing practice, supply chain management, and classic case teaching.

Marketing System Course

Including corporate culture, system process, business etiquette, cost accounting, team cooperation, Management by objectives, assessment and promotion and other courses.



Wang Hua

Undergraduate degree
Coaching style leadership
27 years of experience in production management and marketing management in the chemical industry
Proficient in deeply exploring customer and market demands, and mastering market laws
Proficient in key customer public relations


Wang Yufen

Undergraduate degree
Shanghai Jiaotong University SMBA
14 years of experience in foreign trade export and marketing management in the chemical industry
Proficient in business negotiations, customer public relations, and team building