Basic chemical series-monomethylamine

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Chinese name: Monomethylamine

English name: Monomethylamine; Aminomethane

Alias: aminomethane; methylamine

CAS registration number: 74-89-5

Molecular formula: CH5N

Danger mark: Class II flammable gas

Methylamine (CH3NH2) is a colorless gas under normal temperature and pressure, with a specific gravity of 1.07 times that of air. It is flammable, explosive and has a strong irritating ammonia-like odor. It is more alkaline than ammonia. Generally pressurized into liquid for storage or transportation. Monomethylamine can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and skin, and is converted into dimethylamine or oxidized into formic acid in the body. The toxic effect of dimethylamine on the human body is similar to that of monomethylamine, and the effect is stronger. Monomethylamine has strong irritating and corrosive effects on the eyes, skin and respiratory mucosa, and has a sympathomimetic effect on the entire body.

physical properties

Physical state and appearance: Colorless compressed liquefied gas with special odor.

Physical hazards: The gas mixes well with air and can easily form explosive mixtures.

Chemical hazards: Decomposes on combustion to produce toxic smoke containing nitrogen oxides. Aqueous solution is a strong base. Reacts violently with acids and corrodes. Reacts violently with strong oxidizing agents. Attacks plastics, rubber and coatings. Attacks copper, zinc alloy, aluminum and galvanized surfaces.

Application areas

Monomethylamine aqueous solution has important uses in the agricultural field. Monomethylamine can be used as an efficient nitrogen fertilizer to supply the nitrogen needed by crops. Monomethylamine aqueous solution can be sprayed directly into farmland or mixed with other fertilizers to improve crop yield and quality. In addition, monomethylamine can also be used as a pesticide to prevent and control pests and diseases on crops, reduce the use of pesticides, and reduce environmental pollution.

Monomethylamine aqueous solution also has important applications in the pharmaceutical field. Monomethylamine aqueous solution can be used as a drug intermediate for the synthesis of various drugs and biologically active molecules. For example, monomethylamine can be involved in the synthesis of drugs such as anticancer drugs, antibiotics, and vitamins. In addition, monomethylamine can also be used as a pH adjuster in pharmaceutical formulations to adjust the pH of the drug to improve its stability and solubility.


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