Feed additive--Choline chloride

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1. Concept and chemical properties

Choline Chloride (CC) is a water-soluble vitamin B component with a chemical formula of C5H14NCLO and a molecular weight of 139.62. It is a quaternary ammonium salt compound with chloride ions. It is a yellow to white crystalline powder with a distinct ammonia smell and bitter taste. Easily soluble in water and alcohols, the aqueous solution is almost neutral, and insoluble in ether, petroleum ether, benzene and carbon disulfide. It has a slight fishy odor, a salty and bitter taste, is easily deliquescent, and is unstable in alkaline solutions.

2. Purpose and use

1.Animal feed industry

Choline chloride is an important feed additive. Containing an appropriate amount of choline chloride in animal feed can improve feed utilization and promote animal growth and healthy growth. Especially in livestock and poultry breeding, choline chloride can assist growth and development, improve fecundity, increase meat quality and dairy product production, etc.


a. Feed addition: Mix choline chloride into the feed. The content of choline chloride added per ton of feed is generally 500 to 1000 grams.

b. Direct feeding: Feed choline chloride directly into the feed, and choose different mg daily feeding amounts according to the size of the animal.

2.Pharmaceutical industry

Choline chloride is an important pharmaceutical raw material, often used in the synthesis of alkaloids, antipyretic and analgesic drugs and tranquillizers, and is an important chemical drug intermediate. Choline chloride can also be used to treat high choline blue dye and is one of the important reagents in liver function tests.


a. Alkaloid synthesis: Choline chloride is used as raw material to synthesize alkaloids through a series of chemical reactions.

b. Drug production: Choline chloride can be used to synthesize antipyretic analgesics, anti-anxiety, diazepam and other drugs, and has a wide range of application scenarios.

3. Precautions

1. Choline chloride is a toxic substance. Pay attention to the environment and personal protection during use.

2. Choline chloride should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and cool place to avoid moisture.

3. Before using choline chloride, it must be inspected to ensure that the product quality is qualified and used according to the correct usage method and dosage.

4. Packaging

Choline chloride is packed inside with polyethylene film bags or aluminum foil bags, with the mouth of the bag sealed by heat sealing, and outside with packaging paper barrels, with a net weight of 20kg per barrel. Cardboard drum parameters: diameter 35CM (±2MM), height 50CM (±4MM), iron hoop thickness 0.7MM, load-bearing 25KG.

5. Current market conditions

Since the Double Festival, the quotation of choline chloride has fallen. The main reason is that the raw material trimethylamine has rebounded, some companies have begun to lower their quotations, and the domestic and foreign order volume is average. Based on the analysis of recent changes in raw materials and market demand, it can be concluded that choline chloride is weak in the short term and bullish in the long term.

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