Cohesion is bound to be extraordinary

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In order to further strengthen team cohesion, create a working atmosphere of hard work, passion, responsibility, and happiness, and enable all members to devote themselves with full enthusiasm to the work in the second half of the year, the company organized a colorful team building activity on July 8, 2023.

At noon, all our employees gathered at Green Yang Spring to have a full meal and return to the company for the official opening of the event.


The company organized badminton competitions, rope skipping competitions, and puzzle games numbered 7.

During the badminton competition, General Manager Hua led each team, and the employees fully demonstrated their teamwork spirit and were not afraid of difficulties. In the end, the female team led by General Manager Hua won and even chose to be the top team in the individual competition. The losing team also received punishment for drinking lemonade, with each team showing their teeth sourly.


The rope skipping competition is an individual competition, and all colleagues are working hard to compete, and the competition is also extremely intense.



Counting 7 is a brainstorming moment, where everyone sits around to decide who will stand last through a knockout system. Guo Ting ultimately won first place with her strongest brain.


This team building activity has strengthened communication and collaboration among employees, and also made everyone deeply realize that the power of one person is limited, and the power of a team is indestructible. The success of a team requires the joint efforts of every member of us!


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