SUNDGE Mid year 2023 Work Summary

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On July 8, 2023, the company organized a mid year work summary meeting for 2023, with all employees present.

This meeting mainly analyzes the completion status of the company's sales tasks from January to June 2023. Although the overall market situation in 2023 was sluggish, Nanjing Shundajie achieved a breakthrough in performance in the first half of the year. Since April, the company's business has maintained an upward trend and successfully completed the basic task goals. All employees have a hundred times confidence in achieving the goal throughout the year.

In order to better organize the team to achieve the 2023 task goals, the company has added team performance evaluation methods and formed two sales teams to compete in performance PK.

Finally, the company gave advanced commendations for the work in the first half of the year, and a total of two employees were selected.

Key Account Expert: Mr. Wang Hua

CRM Posting Champion: Zhang Yali

CRM New Customer Champion: Zhang Yali

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