SUNDGE participates in the course 'Annual Business Plan and Comprehensive Budget Management'

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From November 9th to 10th, SUNDGE participated in the 177th Enterprise Finance and Tax Security System Service Course organized by Pinrun Consulting, which was grandly held in Shanghai. This training is aimed at helping the company develop the 2024 annual business plan and comprehensive budget management, enabling personnel from various departments to have a systematic understanding of the company's budget and laying a solid foundation for the company's budget management.

The main speaker of this course is Professor Zuo Bin, co-founder of Pinrun Consulting and former CFO of IBM (China) Greater West Region. He has over 20 years of work experience and extensive consulting experience in equity structure design, budget management, financial analysis and cost control, tax planning, fund control, and financial team building and management.

In the course, Teacher Left analyzed why enterprise management requires budgeting and the three major time dimensions of budgeting. Teacher Zuo gave a macro explanation of enterprise development from the perspective of market environment - customer analysis and competition analysis. He formulated expense budgets, personnel budgets, and investment budgets for each business unit, while emphasizing the importance of annual business plans and comprehensive budget management.

Through this training, the company has gained a deeper understanding of business planning and budget management, reflected on the fundamental reasons for the opportunity gap and performance gap, analyzed the market environment, and formulated a 2024 company budget management plan, which will be implemented in each department and position.

After the training, the company organized an analysis and organization of the comprehensive budget for this time, and jointly discussed the annual work plan for 2024.


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