Food additive - xylitol

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What is xylitol?

Xylitol, also known as pentaerythritol, is a sugar alcohol found in vegetables and fruits. It is native to Finland and is a natural sweetener extracted from plant materials such as birch, oak, corn cob, and sugarcane bagasse. In nature, xylitol has a wide distribution range and is widely present in various fruits, vegetables, and grains. Xylitol is also a new type of functional sweetener discovered in scientific research, which is nutritious and healthy and does not cause blood sugar fluctuations. It has now been widely used in sugar free food, beverage coffee shops, home cooking and baking, and is suitable for various groups of people. It is increasingly replacing sucrose in modern life as a substitute for family health sugar.


What is the main purpose?

Xylitol does not need insulin to participate in metabolism in the body, and does not increase the blood sugar value. Xylitol can also eliminate diabetes patients' "three excess" (more drink, more urine, more food), so it is a safe sweetener, nutritional supplement and auxiliary treatment agent for diabetes patients.

What are the benefits?

1. Improve liver function

Xylitol can promote the synthesis of liver glycogen without increasing blood sugar. It has the effect of improving liver function and anti fatty liver in patients with liver diseases. It has a significant therapeutic effect on treating persistent hepatitis B, hepatitis B, and cirrhosis, and is an ideal adjuvant drug for patients with hepatitis complications.

2. Anti aliasing

The anti dental caries properties of xylitol are the best among all sweeteners. Firstly, xylitol cannot be fermented and utilized by bacteria that produce dental caries in the mouth, inhibiting the growth of streptococci and acid production; Secondly, when chewing xylitol, it can promote saliva secretion. Excessive saliva can not only flush the bacteria in the mouth and teeth, but also increase the concentration of alkaline amino acids and ammonia in saliva and dental caries spots. At the same time, it can slow down the decrease in pH value in the mouth, neutralize and dilute the acidic substances that harm teeth, inhibit the adsorption of bacteria on the tooth surface, thereby reducing tooth acid corrosion, preventing dental caries and reducing the production of dental plaques, and consolidating teeth.

3. Weight loss function

Xylitol provides energy to the human body, reduces the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissue, protects and repairs the liver, reduces the production of harmful ketones in the body, and does not cause anxiety about weight gain due to consumption.

4. Stable insulin

Xylitol is a natural stabilizer of insulin, and it does not increase insulin levels in the blood after food use. Biological xylitol is metabolized slowly in the body, so it does not cause a sudden increase or decrease in insulin, while regular sugar does.

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