Basic chemical series - α-pyrrolidone

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α-Pyrrolidone, also known as pyrrolidone, azapentacyclotone, butyrolactam. It is a colorless crystal, which can be used as a solvent and an intermediate in organic synthesis, as well as in the manufacture of nylon 4 and vinylpyrrolidone.

1. Basic Information

English name: 2-pyrrolidinone

Synonyms: pyrrolidone, azapentacyclolate, butyrolactam

Chemical Formula: C4H7NO

Melting Point: 24.6°C

Boiling point: 245 °C

Molecular Weight: 85.11

CAS Registry Number: 616-45-5

Molecular formula, molecular weight: C4H7NO = 85.11

Physical and chemical properties: colorless crystal, melting point 24.6 °C, boiling point 245 °C, density 1.116 (25/4 °C), refractive index 1.4870. Viscosity 13.3. Saturated vapor pressure 1.33 kPa /122 °C. Flash point 129 °C. Ignition temperature 145°C. The heat of combustion was 2286.5 kJ/mol. Soluble in water, alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene, ethyl acetate and carbon disulfide and other organic solvents, insoluble in petroleum ether.

2.Production method

2-P can be obtained by ammonia of γ-butyrolactone. Maleic anhydride can also be used as raw material, which can be obtained by one-step hydrogenation and ammoniation, and the yield can reach 90-92%.

3. Product characteristics

Below 25 °C, it is a colorless crystal, and above 25 °C, it exists as a clear transparent liquid, with good chemical stability and no corrosiveness. It can be miscible with lower ketones, alcohols and chloroform.

4.Product Specifications 


Appearance Clear and transparent liquid
content 99.0% min.
moisture content 0.3% max.
ammonia     0.2% max.
GBL 0.2% max.
Chromaticity (APHA) 100

5. Product Use

1). Used as solvent and intermediate in organic synthesis. 

2). Mainly used as a solvent for synthetic resins, pesticides, polyols, inks, iodine, etc.

3). It is used as a plasticizer for acrylic acid, acrylic acid and styrene resins, an extractant for aromatic compounds, a decolorizing agent for kerosene, rosin and fatty acids, as well as a raw material for the preparation of nylon-4, polyvinylpyrrolidone, γ-aminobutyric acid and its derivatives.

4). Used in the veterinary drug industry, PVP K15/K17 can be used together to produce veterinary drugs.

5). Pharmaceutical industry: used in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, such as brain rehabilitation, the following is a detailed introduction:

Brain rehabilitation tablets can improve the consciousness disorders caused by brain trauma, stroke, encephalitis, poisoning, etc., and play a role in awakening. Occasionally, dry mouth, loss of appetite, vomiting, insomnia, and measles are common. No toxicity has been observed with long-term use.

Basic Information

Foreign name;  Piracetam Tablets

aliases; Piracetam tablets

type; prescription drug

type of drug; Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system

drug traits; This product is a white sheet

Functions & Indications:

(1) Improve the consciousness disorder caused by brain trauma, stroke, encephalitis, poisoning, etc., and play a role in awakening.

(2) Improve learning Xi and memory skills.

(3) Chronic cerebral insufficiency syndrome.

(4) Symptomatic psychosis and psychotic syndrome.

(5) Extrapyramidal symptoms caused by drugs, etc

Precautions: Patients with liver and kidney dysfunction should use with caution and reduce the dose appropriately.


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