SUNDGE participated in the training and learning of the "fiscal and Taxation system Landing plan Class"

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"Tax System Landing Program Class" is a training program organized by Beijing Pinrun Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD. This course is conducted in Shenzhen. This training is designed to help employers and employees master financial knowledge and apply it to practical work.

The training content includes tax regulations, tax planning, financial management and other knowledge, but also involves the company's performance system, enterprise financial statement analysis, tax risk management and other practical skills.

Through the study of Pinrun Finance and taxation landing training course, we can better understand the financial regulations and policies, improve the level of financial management, reduce tax risks, and provide better support for the development of enterprises.

During the landing class learning from December 19 to December 22, we adopted the form of group points PK system, showing extraordinary learning enthusiasm and team spirit. After four days of intense and enriching study, we not only mastered a wealth of financial and tax professional knowledge, but also improved the practical ability. On the first day of learning, our team won the championship with their outstanding performance. In the four-day training, our team members always maintained a high degree of focus and investment, through in-depth learning and practical operation, and finally won the honor of the championship.

This landing class was a valuable learning opportunity for us, which not only improved our professional level of finance and taxation, but also enhanced our teamwork and communication skills. We know that it is not easy to get this honor, behind the team members quietly pay and unremitting efforts. Here, we would like to thank Pinrun Consulting for providing us with a professional and efficient learning platform for finance and taxation, so that we can exchange and learn with students in various industries and grow together.

Our company decided to strike while the iron is hot, to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the landing class to practical work in a week, and constantly improve their professional level. At the same time, we will also give full play to the strength of the team to jointly promote the development of the company to a new level. The learning experience in Pinrun Finance and Taxation landing class will become a valuable wealth in our career, and encourage us to continue to pursue excellence in the future road to create more brilliant achievements.

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