Veterinary Drug Series--Tilmicosin

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Tilmicosin is an over-the-counter drug, English name: Tilmicosin, CAS: 108050-54-0.

Tilmicosin is a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic for livestock and poultry that is semi-synthesized using a hydrolyzate of tylosin as a precursor. It was first successfully developed by the British Elanco animal health products company in the 1980s and has been launched in some foreign countries. In my country, Eli Lilly and Company of the United States sells tilmicosin premix products for pigs. At present, the Ministry of Agriculture of my country has approved certain veterinary drug factories to produce tilmicosin raw materials, premixes, solutions and injections.

1. Application

Anti-viral: Tilmicosin has an inhibitory effect on the replication of PRRS virus.

Antibacterial aspect: Tilmicosin is very sensitive to diseases such as Mycoplasma and Haemophilus parasuis;

Mainly used for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in pigs, chickens, cattle, dairy cows, goats and other animals, especially for the prevention and treatment of livestock and poultry respiratory diseases such as Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, pasteurellosis and chicken mycoplasmosis. It has antibacterial activity against poultry Mycoplasma and has been widely used in the treatment of poultry Mycoplasma.

Tilmicosin has inhibitory effects on Gram-positive bacteria, some Gram-negative bacteria, mycoplasma and spirochetes. Tilmicosin has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, similar to tylosin, but its antibacterial activity is significantly better than tylosin.

2. Mechanism of action

1. Inhibit bacterial protein synthesis. Tilmicosin is stable in nature and plays an antibacterial effect mainly by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. It is a growth-phase bacteriostatic agent. When the concentration of the drug is more than 4 times the minimum concentration, tilmicosin has a bactericidal effect, and tilmicosin does not bind to mammalian ribosomes, so it has lower toxicity and higher safety.

2. Promote the body’s defense function. Tilmicosin can synergize with macrophages to produce bactericidal effects; it can also inhibit neutrophil necrosis, induce apoptosis, and prevent inflammation from exacerbating; it may also act as an immune cutoff to regulate the body's immune function, thereby promoting the body's defense function.

3. Reference dose

"Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia" stipulates that the instructions for tilmicosin injection only indicate the usage and dosage for cattle and sheep. Since the therapeutic dose and lethal dose of tilmicosin in pigs are very close, the Veterinary Pharmacopoeia does not specify the method and determination method for pigs. At the same time, the mixture is easy to use, so tilmicosin is suitable for pig mixtures.

The dosage of tilmicosin registered by the Ministry of Agriculture is 200-400mg/kg mixture, which should be used continuously for 7-14 days. According to the requirements, the mixing dosage is 200~400g/t. Currently, the content of tilmicosin premix on the market is mostly 20%, that is, the concentration of 20% tilmicosin mixture is 1~2kg/t.

4. Precautions for tilmicosin:

1. Pay attention to dosage form;

2. Pay attention to dosage;

3. Pay attention to the effect of gastric emptying;

4. Compatibility with other products.

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