Trade commissioner


Job Description

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the operation and operation of the main/sub-account of Alibaba International Station, including product launch, optimization, and regular update;

2.Collect popular keywords in the industry, establish a thesaurus, and expand through various channels such as Alibaba's background and Google keywords Accurate and high-conversion inquiry words;
3. Responsible for the management of foreign trade through train P4P, improve the exposure rate of stores and products, click rate and conversion rate (effective inquiry volume);
4. Daily store background data monitoring, analysis, regular Diagnose, track, and evaluate the promotion effect; be directly responsible for the daily data of online stores, including traffic, click rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate, etc., and form reports and propose improvement strategies; 5. Analyze keywords based on user behavior
habits Select setting skills; conduct data analysis, evaluate keyword quality, propose and implement keyword optimization plan, optimize details page, and improve store and product ranking; 6. Inquiry follow-up,
RFQ quotation, visitor marketing, through online Investigate the background of customers, provide professional answers, give win-win solutions, and facilitate transactions;
7. Regularly conduct market analysis (customers + peers), analyze and study customer needs around key markets (Japan, South Korea, India, Europe and the United States), Formulate customer development and maintenance strategies, and accurately develop major customers;

Job Requirements
1. More than half a year of working experience in the foreign trade industry, familiar with the entire process of import and export trade operations, and strong sales capabilities;
2. Patient and careful, good communication skills and sales service awareness.
3. Strong learning ability, conscientious and responsible, optimistic and positive working attitude, good three views and team awareness; 4.
English level 4 or above, one minor language;
5. Proficiency in operating Alibaba International Station, familiar with Search ranking and optimization of the platform, familiar with keyword strategy, sales planning, background operation process;
6. Optimistic, smart, down-to-earth, self-reflection;
7. Veterans are preferred.