SUNDGE holds its 2024 Annual Meeting

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On January 19, 2024, SUNDGE held its 2024 annual meeting in the company's conference room. The meeting invited all employees of the company to participate, mainly reviewing the achievements of the past year, looking forward to the future development plan, stimulating the fighting spirit of employees, improving team cohesion, and the salesman jointly signed the "2024 Annual Performance Commitment".

The meeting was carried out in a passionate atmosphere, and Chairman Zhou delivered a speech for the conference. He stressed that in the face of market competition and changes in the external environment, the company needs to strengthen confidence, maintain high morale and move forward bravely. In order to achieve the grand goal of doubling sales performance, we advocate all employees to unite and cooperate, face difficulties and work together!

Immediately afterwards, the heads of each department reported and summarized the work of their departments in 2023. In the past year, all departments of the company have overcome many difficulties and achieved remarkable results. On this basis, the company extended a warm welcome to the new members, and the new colleagues said that joining the big family of Nanjing Shundajie Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd., they are full of confidence in the future of the company and will go all out to create more value for the company.

The meeting commended the outstanding employees in 2023 to motivate all employees to learn from them and jointly contribute to the development of the company. The commended employees have expressed that they will continue to maintain excellent performance and work hard for a better tomorrow for the company.

The focus of the meeting was the signing ceremony of the company's 2024 annual performance commitment. In this link, the chairman of the company, the director of the sales department and all the salesmen signed the 2024 annual performance commitment. This means that we are about to embark on a new journey to achieve the company's performance goals. After the signing ceremony, the pledgee took the stage to read aloud and take the oath. Everyone agreed that through teamwork and joint efforts, the performance goals will be successfully achieved.

The company has prepared a lucky draw ceremony and has generous prizes, including cash red envelopes, electronic products, skin care products, etc., so that every employee is full of expectations. The atmosphere of the lottery ceremony was warm, and everyone expressed their confidence and determination in the future work.

In the context of the new era, trust and commitment between enterprises and employees are particularly important. The holding of this signing ceremony reflects the company's care and trust for employees, and also expresses the loyalty and responsibility of employees to the company. In the face of fierce market competition, only closely united enterprises and employees can work together to create a better future.
After the meeting, in order to enhance the relationship between the company's employees, all the employees of the company went to the reserved hotel for dinner.

In order to let everyone integrate into the atmosphere faster, Mr. Wang Hua specially organized a unique table game - "10:30". The game is easy to understand and challenging, and the rules of the game are to add up the numbers in your hand to reach or close to 10:30, and then compare the size with the players sitting in the banker, this game tests the observation, strategy and teamwork of the staff. The game is intense and intense, and colleagues are trying their best to get to the top.

At the same time, the food in the restaurant is intoxicating. In the process of enjoying the food, all the employees exchanged work experience and life stories with each other, and shortened the distance between each other. In this dinner, everyone put aside the pressure of work, relaxed to the fullest, and felt the care and warmth of the company.

The convening of this meeting made all employees of the company have a clearer understanding of the future development goals, and also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. With the joint efforts of all employees, Nanjing Shundajie Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. will be able to face difficulties, achieve the goal of doubling sales performance, and create more brilliant performance.

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