SUNDGE held the first quarter of 2024 summary and commendation and the second quarter performance commitment meeting

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On the special day of April 12, Nanjing Shundajie Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. held the first quarter of 2024 summary and commendation and the second quarter performance commitment meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Lu, the chief financial officer, summarized and reviewed the first quarter, and sorted out the important achievements such as product sales and sales of each team.
In addition to perseverance and perseverance in daily work, we also need to constantly innovate, and no matter how difficult things are, we need to persevere, be patient, and put into action, and we will definitely gain in the end.
Subsequently, honorary certificates were awarded to outstanding employees and excellent teams:

The team with the highest sales completion rate - the export group

The team with the highest profit completion rate - coating medicine group

The person with the largest number of customer development - Huang Yiren

Every award in the first quarter embodies the dedication and sweat of the winners, and behind every honor there are countless efforts and persistence. These awards are not only an affirmation of the winners, but also an encouragement and motivation for their continuous pursuit of excellence.
Therefore, we should learn from these awardees and learn from their excellent qualities and spirit of striving for excellence. At the same time, we should also cherish our own opportunities and platforms, and continue to work hard to contribute to our own career and the development of the company. I believe that in the future, more outstanding talents will emerge to create more brilliant achievements for the company and society.
Mr. Zhou, chairman of the board of directors, presented honorary certificates and prizes to the winning teams and personnel.
The joy of recognition has not yet dissipated, and the meeting room has switched to a more pragmatic atmosphere. With the moderator's order, the teams began to drill down into the Q2 performance commitments and present their sales action plans in detail.
After analyzing the commitment data for the second quarter, the chairman of the company and the leaders of each group jointly signed the second quarter performance commitment letter and took the oath.
In the company's operation process, the signing and oath of quarterly performance commitment is undoubtedly an important link. This link not only demonstrates the firm confidence of the company's senior management in the performance goals, but also reflects the synergy and shared responsibility between the teams.
Signing a quarterly performance pledge and taking an oath is not only to achieve a numerical goal, but also to promote the overall development and progress of the company. In this process, we need to remain in awe, give our all, and work hard to achieve the company's vision and mission.

Finally, the company's leaders affirmed and encouraged the efforts and dedication of each team. They hope that each team can continue to maintain this positive mental state, continue to innovate and forge ahead, and contribute more to the development of the company. At the same time, they also emphasized the importance of teamwork and mutual support, and hoped that everyone could work together to create a better future.

The meeting ended successfully in a warm atmosphere. Everyone walked out of the room with confidence, ready for the challenges and opportunities of Q2. They believe that with the joint efforts of the team, they will be able to achieve more outstanding results and contribute more to the development of the company.

We firmly believe that if we strive towards the goal step by step, we will move towards a better future, and we have gained a lot in the past quarter, and in the second quarter we are ready to sprint to the goal.

Every striver of Shundajie, we will rush forward towards the goal together! Come on!

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